Talikala envisions a gender-fair relations between women and men, who enjoy equality and full participation towards the development of Peoples and society.

Mission & Goal

As a nonstock, nonprofit social development organization, Talikala commits itself to:

  • develop the capabilities of prostituted women;
  • help prostituted women assert their rights, regain their dignity, and define their role in the society;
  • create venues for public education in order to change public perception towards prostituted women

Hence, it is Talikala’s goal to improve the quality of life of women who are victims and survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution.



  1. To promote gender equity and justice in society;
  2. To enhance prostituted women’s opportunities for self-sufficiency;
  3. To improve the reproductive condition of women in prostitution; and
  4. To create and provide support systems through networking and advocacy for women in prostitution.